Kachina and pottery collage

Welcome to Tsali Nez Gallery of Santa Fe, New Mexico
featuring some of the most exclusive Native American jewelry
and artifacts on the plaza.

Located on the northwest corner of the historic Santa Fe Plaza,
Tsali Nez features museum quality Native American jewelry, kachinas,
pottery, and storytellers that are handmade by local and regional artists.

Come visit Tsali, our Native American manager,
and discover the history behind Native American arts and crafts.

Turquoise jewelry collage

Pottery and bolo collage

Tsali Nez is now representing Wallace Nez Jr., a Navajo potter from Aneth, Utah. He began his craft at an early age and has been working in the art for more than 15 years. Using traditional methods, Wallace forms his pots from clay harvested from Northern Arizona and delicately paints them. His pieces are known worldwide in both museums and private collections.

Much of his past and current pieces are available for viewing on www.nezpottery.com. See our featured page for pieces currently available in the gallery.

Featured artist